The Pioneers

Pioneers believe that people can live in harmony with nature and are embodying this vision in their life and work. From a deep connection with themselves, others and nature, they take a leadership role in their communities -or have the ambition to do so. They are seeking personal growth and are dedicating their life energy, talent and resources to drive large scale, transformational change. Pioneers believe in the power and need of collective action and have the willingness to invest or contribute to our joint projects.

We welcome pioneers in all aspects of life, but we especially invite:

  • investors, philanthropists, family business owners, experts, exceptional regen and social entrepreneurs and foundations as well as
  • value aligned facilitators and activists, impact-driven networks and event organizing organizations.



The Pioneers

Are you a pioneer or want to nominate a pioneer?

Are you a pioneer that fits our description? Or Do you know someone that has the potential to become one? Someone who you think we would definitely like to meet? Tell us about yourself or the person you nominate, telling us all that inspires you about him/her!

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