The Land

Our first project is to bring back life and work to the abandoned Muga Valley of Albanya, Spain.

The project came to life in 2018 with the acquisition of a 251 hectares estate, in the north-east of the Spanish Pyrenees. Bringing the dormant farm back to life is the first step in this beautiful project. Today, the estate grew to 400 hectares and is the epic center for co-creating the project together with people from the local villages. The Home for The Pioneers of Our Time is the home base for our team, our events and retreats. From here, we are building partnerships, doing research and executing the various regeneration projects and businesses. In 2020 our team has been joined by 250 chicken and 18 cows and a colony of 70 vultures decided to call our land their home.

Some of our projects:

  • Re-inviting various species of vultures back to the Muga Valley
  • Forest Improvement Project: open space and facilitating diverse forest growth
  • Reducing forest fires through forest management with animals
  • Free range and ecologically fed chicken farm
  • Food forests
  • Regenerative Venture Building Studio: The Regen Lab

In twenty years time from now, we envision healthy and resilient forests, thriving wildlife and drinkable water in the rivers. The landscape regeneration activities have generated jobs for people in the villages. People are living in harmony with themselves and all other living beings in the mountains and forests. Entrepreneurs have created a variety of new local businesses; not only in wildlife tourism, but also in agroforestry, regeneration technology and all kinds of forest foods like medicinal plants, herbs, a variety of nuts, truffles, mushrooms, honey and wild game.

We invite everyone that shares our passion to join us.

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