Regeneration Journey 2023

Join Toniic and Nexus on December 2nd until December 5th at “The Home”, Toniic member Stef van Dongen gorgeous farm, and immerse yourself in the pristine outdoors of the Muga Valley, close to Barcelona, Spain. We will take these days to unpack the question: what does regeneration look like in practice and what does it mean for you and for us as a collective?

After spending a few days together at Nexus in Barcelona exploring “Regenerative cities” we think it is more than fitting to explore what regeneration means in a large landscape. Overgrown forests, at risk of fire, drought, floods, and a local rural economy that could benefit from regeneration. A lot of challenges or should we say opportunities? For this reason we are co-hosting this Regeneration Journey with Stef and Nexus, exploring regenerative practices in a holistic sense.

During these days there will be space for co-creation where we will ask  participants to also  lead a session and share with the rest of the community examples of regenerative businesses, investment models, experiences, practices etc. This model will allow us to shape the content in a collaborative way and will be guided by the people that join us.

We can’t attempt the regeneration of forests, soils, and landscapes without regenerating ourselves. What is the regenerative mindset needed to make regeneration possible? We will take plenty of time to eat local food and explore the nature around us, but also gently move our bodies with yoga sessions and meditations.

Spots are limited, we only have room for 10 Toniic members and some spots are already filled. We look forward to creating this experience together with you!

The Regeneration Journey – Toniic Spain Meetup (outline)

  • Dec 2nd: (Saturday)- travel from Barcelona in the morning to the Home
  • Dec 3rd: Regeneration day together with Nexus members
  • Dec 4th: Toniic (members only) day
  • Dec 5th: check out after breakfast 11:00AM

Getting to and from “The Home”

Fly into Barcelona or Girona airport or travel to Figueres-Vilafant train station via the high speed train (from Paris or Barcelona). The shuttle service included by “The Home” will depart from Barcelona Saturday Dec 2nd in the morning after the Nexus event has ended. A shuttle service will be arranged to Figueres-Vilafant train station to return to Barcelona after the gathering. Please notice: you have to book your train tickets in advance through the website:

For any questions please reach out to Koen, or Nathalie,


  • price per person: € 1.175
  • a full board stay in comfortable room
  • biodegradable shampoo, shower gel, towels, high quality linen
  • program
  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • afternoon snack
  • dinner
  • fresh fruit
  • soft drinks, tea and coffee
  • prices are per person (incl. VAT)