The Home August Hangout – by invitation only

A month of Co-working and Well-being for change makers

Join our “August Hang Out 2022” at The Home for the Pioneers of our Time in the Spanish Pyrenees. Throughout August, we invite friends to the opportunity to co-work, learn, meet, relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding the estate.

The Home is 251 hectares of estate hidden in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees. The place provides tasty homegrown organic food, fresh water from the mountains, rivers, and silence. The Home offers a unique environment for re-vitalization, aligning body, mind, and soul, deeply connecting with nature, and nurturing relationships, and we would love to see you in August.

The “August Hang Out” dates of 2022:

  • Week 1:  from 7 till 11 August 2022
  • Week 2: from 12 till 16 August 2022
  • Week 3: from 19 till 23 August 2022

The minimum stay is 4 nights, of course you are welcome to stay longer or come for a long weekend. Just let us know.

Treat yourself to our special offerings

  • Massages, swimming pool and nature walks
  • Visit the regenerative farm and/or muga valley project
  • Arts, music & our special local wine menu

We offer you to meet inspiring peers, enjoy live music, and a massage, read your book, swim in the river or Mediterranean Sea, do your yoga next to the pool, explore the farm, and let us take you for a hike in the mountains and endless forests. Feel free to share your talent or question during the open space.

Send us an e-mail and in return, we will send you more details, prices and a bookings-form for an unforgettable stay at The Home in Spain.

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