About us

Hi, we are the Pioneers of Our Time

Our vision: people living in harmony with nature and each other
Our dedication: embody our vision and contribute towards the world we want to live in

Our Theory of Change
Our belief is that the nature of life is for every living being to reach its full potential and continuously create a more beautiful version of itself. That humanity is motivated by purpose and positive change.

Facilitating a deep connection with ourselves and nature is key to shaping the societies that we want to live in. We aim to build new-born models that encourage human behavior enabling the self-healing capacity of our ecosystems. We also believe it is important to dismantle non-functional and destructive elements in the current society that hold these new models from coming into existence. We realize our vision by creating a showcase (a natural sanctuary) in which we embody this system transition. We believe that the only way forward is through partnerships, collective action and connecting local communities globally.

What we do
We are building a network of professional change makers that devote their lifework to creating large scale positive impact. We come together at the Home, a safe space for our network where we facilitate learning as well as a deep connection with nature, ourselves and each other. We provide strategy consultancy and partnership building for Pioneers and organizations that aim to start new initiatives in the impact area or that want to make the transition towards impact. And we offer (real asset and VC) investment and philanthropy opportunities in e.g. landscape regeneration projects in the Eastern Spanish Pyrenees.

About the Founder
Pioneers of Our Time was initiated by Stef van Dongen in 2018. Stef has over eighteen years of experience in social entrepreneurship, impact investing and philanthropy. In 2002 he founded the social enterprise group Enviu from the belief that entrepreneurs can play a major role in solving the world’s biggest challenges. Over the years he has co-founded and invested in more than a dozen social enterprises and innovation programs. Stef was awarded the lifetime achievement award “Radical Innovators” from Vrij Nederland Magazine. He is a distinguished Alumni of the Rotterdam School of Management, where he completed his Master’ degree with a focus on Global Business Society Management. Stef is a passionate chairman for NEXUS Europe and board member and advisor of several social enterprises, HNW individuals and innovation networks on their impact journeys. Today, Stef is running the Pioneers of Our Time with a team in Spain (Jorien, Bastiaan and Eikel) and a global network of passionate professionals.


Stef van Dongen
Founder & CEO
Bastiaan Veenman
Landscape team
Jorien Hendrikx
The Home team
Carlos Eikel Delgado Garcia
Landscape team